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Changing South Africa One Child at a Time

The Problem…

Did you know that for the first time in History, more deaths are caused by obesity than malnutrition?  (By overweight than underweight)?

Get the facts from the World Health Organisation.

One of the major causes of this is INACTIVITY. As we become more and more hooked on technology, our lives become more sedentary.

We are becoming couch potatoes… and so our children.

The Solution…

Encouraging children to become active by providing exciting Physical Literacy programs that inspire them to exercise.

Physical Literacy for Children (PLC) is a Non-Profit Organisation in South Africa focusing on Making a Difference in this space.

PLC was established to offer Physical Literacy to underprivileged and Special Needs children.

PLC uses the curriculum and program of the Kids Gym and currently supports 150 children at The Kids Gym Cape Town.

How You Can Help

Shop Online for your Electricity, Airtime, Office Equipment, Home Appliances or Stationery at WE BENEFIT.Shop Online at We Benefit to Contribute to Physical Literacy for Children (PLC)


Donate to PLC Now via Payfast. For less than $20 (R240) you can sponsor a child for a month.

For as little as $20 or R240, you can Sponsor a Child on our Program for a month.

6 Comments on “Changing South Africa One Child at a Time

  1. I agree that parents being couch potatoes can rub off on the children in that house. I love that we can help this cause by donating. I think bringing active activities into the home is a great way to help stop this problem from occurring at a young age. Which ones would you suggest?

  • Hey Jayde, thanks for your positive input. You make a great point.  I think your question deserves a longer answer. We’ll publish physical literacy activity tips soon. 

  • This sounds like a worthwhile and exciting program that is addressing one of the downsides that come with prosperity. As we’ve seen, the world over, when nations prosper, they have easier access to agricultural products and, especially early on the prosperity curve, lack the education to know how to balance easy food intake with exercise. I’m curious about sponsoring a child in the program you mention, like what how where the programs are that benefit the kids. Thanks for the post. Kevin

    • Hi Kevin, currently we are supporting children from underprivileged communities in Cape Town, South Africa at The Kids Gym in Century City. We will also be opening a branch in Johannesburg early in 2019.

  • Wow this is an awesome initiative. 

    How does the program work? Do they sign up? Do you team up with schools? Is this an after school activity? Is this an on going program or they go through a curriculum where at the end the students are equipped with knowledge and discipline to keep up what they have started?

    What are some challenges that you are facing with your initiative and what are the best things that happened?


    John Greg

    • Wow John, Thank you for your interest in our program. These are awesome questions which I think will be better answered in a post. We have very little information on our site as we only just started building it. Watch this space. 

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